Thursday, April 5, 2012

App Review

Okay - so...

I have found a few new apps that I really like.

Draw Something.  It is so fun to watch how another person's mind works.  I have laughed hard a few times...thanks Tyler.

I really have been getting into the Aqua Pets thing again thanks to Jenn.  I like how you can have friends now and gift them stuff each day.  Kinda cool.

I lately have been playing games like the Success Story and Stand O'Food.

Oh yeah, and Angry Birds Space is pretty neat.  I like zero gravity.

Okay on to something else that was interesting for me today.
Tommy - This one is for you.

My kid and I have been texting today, since he's bored.  Anyway, I was telling him that Anna and Taylor were coming to spend the night tomorrow, which he's excited about.  He asks this "So, is Tommy like my step-brother kinda?"  I said, "well yeah kinda, but we don't really use labels right?"  He says, "yeah, but does that make Anna and Taylor like my niece and nefew?"  I said, "Well I guess sorta"  He says, "Good, cuz I want them to be like that."  I said, "okay well they are as much as Ashley and Chesley (my step-sistas) are your aunts"  Which I got a "lol that's funny" to.  Anyway Tommy - I hope you're cool with my answers to those questions.  And, I'm glad he loves you and the kids.  No doubt he was trying to explain to one of his friends at his daycare thing (that's where Brian has him this week) who you and the kids were in his life.

This again gets me thinking about the labels though.  We are such an interesting society.  Everything is how someone is related to you...even if it's a friend, or co-worker or whatever..why can't someone just be a name? I've just been thinking about it for about a hour now, which is sorta weird..but anyone that knows me, knows that this is by far not the weirdest thought I've had in the last few weeks.  When I introduce Gary, sometimes I say, "my husband, Gary" or "my significant other, Gary"...when I differentiate between the Gary that works for me and my Gary I say..obviously "my Gary".  I would like to just start trying to use names and see how that goes for a while.  So.."this is Gary"...with no explanation of who he is to me..  Wonder how that'll work.

About a year ago, Zach called me all upset because his "girlfriend" was told by her mother that she had to "break up" with him.  I explained to him that "girlfriend" was just a title and so what was going to change between them.  They were still going to sit together at lunch and they were still friends, so . . . he didn't need to call her "girl friend" but she could still be that to him.  He loved that explanation and we went on.  It would be great if we could all just BE..or maybe this is too far out there of a concept.  I'm not saying that I want anything in my life to change, just it seems to me that everyone is searching for relationships all over the place.  I don't know..maybe I'm totally over thinking this.  I've been known to do that.

Love ya all...Jess

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Tommy said...

I dig it and I'm sure I'll use a similar explanation to the kids, if they ever ask. :)