Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shots and hair cuts ...

I'm going to talk about shots that hurt..

Personally the worst shot I have ever received was behind my eyeball.  That was gross and it crunched as the needle went in.  HURT like .... yeah..
Second getting a shot in your heel of your foot - Like from the side - burns and hurts too...The doctor said it would but I was like - yeah whatever. okay it hurt about as bad as getting the spinal block thing..  Anyway..thought I'd share that.

Also, when zach was getting a hair cut today - a lady was telling her son that he was going to get a foehawk even though he was like - no I don't want one...the boy was about 10 and she was telling him how he was going to do what she wanted.  I started thinking..I do push zach to get a haircut when it's over his ears and looks shabby, but I don't tell him what he has to get.  I felt bad for that boy...I don't think parents should tell a kid how they have to wear their hair.  The parent doesn't have to wear it to school and get made fun of...Just some of my thoughts today..

K. bye
Jess - xoxo - millions - infinity

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