Saturday, July 27, 2013

Putting it out there again. . .

I'm not writing this to offend anyone, but this is my thoughts blog and if you don't want to read it - I totally get that.

Everyone in their adult life has overcome something, or maybe is in the middle of overcoming now.  I really can't stand when I hear an adult at any age blame their childhood for why they are they way that they are.  Everyone has the right to be whatever they want or whomever they want.  So I know this guy that seriously has no legs from just above the knees down, and he's climbing mountains.  I know that you may say, well mine was the loss of someone important..well we all lose someone important at some point in our lives.   When I was in high school, I had a good friend that got into a car wreck with his sister who was my biology partner.  His sister died in that wreck and he had to go through some major rehab to just walk again, so please give me a break..we all have trials and tribulations.  I know that things get hard sometimes, and that we all have moments where we get depressed, but maybe before you put it out there in a way where it's all doom and gloom you can think about all of those that have it worse than you do, or have had it worse.  And then..what always helps me - I know you're not all me, nor would you want to be - but what helps me is to love someone or do something nice that you wouldn't normally do for someone.  Look into their eyes when they're truly grateful and then you'll know you're okay.

Something else, I'm gonna ask my facebook friends..this is not a demand, it's a request...I am okay when I'm out at a bar or hanging with someone and the occasional curse word escapes, heck I do it to sometimes, but please don't post a lot of "F" this and "F" that on your status.  I don't want to block anyone that is regularly on my news feed, but I don't want to read that crap.  Be tasteful please, and know that our children are out in FB land too.  Thanks..

On a lighter note, some of you know this, some of you don't...I will be starting next Monday at ExactTarget and I'm oh so excited about this...I love the place, so different than my life has been lately.

Love you all..
xoxo, Millions and Infinity

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