Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dreams and reality. . .

So, I'm caught up now on Newsroom, which I have to say is my favorite show, and I totally do not like the News which is hilarious.  Last night, Gary said, "Oh yeah this is about the Occupy Wallstreet" and I said, "huh?" and he was like, "You remember it lasted a long time, it was the protestors..." and I heard blah blah after that...but I said, "Nope, remember I don't watch the news?" and he said, "You did know that we got Osama Bin Laden, right?" to which I told him that only because of the Newsroom show, and I was totally impressed...lol..but on a more serious note, it's weird, cuz I don't want to hear all the negative stuff going on in the world, but I do love that show so much that I hope they make it forever.  Yeah peeps, I just said forever, knowing that the word is a fictional word.

I'm also caught up on Dexter, these shows have been our evening viewing lately.  Dexter has lost it's ummppff for me over the years though.  I'm kinda glad it's gonna come to a close.

I had one of those nights where I had several dreams that kept leading back to the first one last night and it was kinda eerie.  The first one was at a college and my grandparents were there taking classes.  For whatever reason I asked them to stay there until I got back, because I had something to take care of.  Later, I felt guilty when I was kinda in a completely different dream and jumped on a water slide that took me back to the college and I found them again.  And when I found them in a library type place studying, my grandma said, "well we were waiting on you to get back."  She asked me for computer help and I told her I had to find where it was plugged in - when I left the room, the dream when totally in a different direction and I forgot about them again, I was chasing some kid down a hallway and I remembered that I said I'd be right back to my grandma and felt guilty again.  I started looking in all the rooms and couldn't find them anywhere.  Well anyway, I didn't find them again and woke up feeling miserable at about 3.  I sat on the side of the bed and let the sad feelings over take me for a few minutes and then laid back down.  No more dreaming all night.
Okay so why do we sometimes let our dreams effect us so much?  I dunno, but sometimes I feel like they're truly the only way to hold on to some things.  In my dreams, I can see people I can't see anymore, and do things that no one knows or cares about.  Isn't that cool really?

Wish me luck this week...this is the week of interviews...yes I said interviews..multiple.  woot woot - say a prayer.

Millions / Infinity / xoxo
Love to all

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