Sunday, July 7, 2013

wish you were here...

As I lay here..i try to think about what to blog about..
I'm here in this place I love so much, but with only a few of the people I love.  I hear the waves lapping outside and we're all wore out.  Love doesn't feel like the right word for how I feel about California and the beach here.  I realize that I'll prolly never live here and that's okay, it is a nice place to visit.  Bliss...I feel like this place makes me feel a total blissfulness.  Like the puffy clouds on a spring day with no humidity in Indiana...makes me happy.  Not Like a Winter day in Indiana though...definitely not into cold..

I do have a more serious issue I'd like to address with you all.. but on a more serious day..

Okay - so...
yeah..I got nothing..really
Been a great day...and yesterday and the day before...Wish you were here..if you aren't..


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