Monday, July 22, 2013

Rambling on. . .

Okay while last week was quite busy and interesting, this week, not so much so far.  That's okay though, I'm sure it'll turn out fine, and I'm sure that once I get my boy back home on Thursday I'll be feeling better about some stuff.
Still in the middle of Season One - Game of Thrones, and while I see the appeal, i'm not sure that it appeals to me all that much.   I do like the brute gorgeous men in the show, don't get me wrong, but i'm just not enthralled at this point.  Maybe I'll get there as time goes on, maybe not...Zach keeps trying to get me to get into Dr. Who, and well, I feel like I gave that as much time as I want to give it.
I realize I have been blogging less and less, but it's harder and harder for me to come up with topics I want to talk about.  I know right, me not rambling is kinda strange for me too.  I still have plenty to ramble on and on about, but I'm less inclined to do so right now.
Oh yeah, I talked about how great the best buy protection plan is, and it is a good deal, but used to be that I could just walk in anytime after they got my phone and they'd let me have the new, now you have to make an appointment or you can walk in, but it's with Geek Squad, so the walk in times are ridiculous.  Kinda pissed me off when I went to pick up Saturday morning.  The guys said it'd be at least an hour wait; this is seriously me picking up a phone, I don't need help from them to swap a sim card..geezz..Anyway, I didn't do it, instead I called in and made an appointment for 2 today.  Just thought that the process was going to be better now that they let me keep the old phone, and maybe it still is...I dunno..
Went to the Train concert Friday with the kids and my mom.  Gary has no desire to go there with us, but I don't really get why, honestly the best concert I have ever been to, besides them last year.  They do a great concert.

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