Wednesday, July 10, 2013

you know where i'm at

I wrote this whole serious blog and then determined that I'm just not ready to share it.  Maybe someday.
Been listening to some Gavin DeGraw - Love that guy

Well, before you go away
I'm gonna give you all that I can say
The truth is harder to amuse
But when you know it's wrong
You got to cut it loose

Oh, it's better up ahead
The worst is over now
Remember what I said
Live, you don't have to look back
But if you ever do,
You know where I'm at

Well now you know where I'm at - back in Indiana after a week of paradise.  Of course, this trip did have many more hiccups than any other California trip, but it was still fantastic.
I found a new hotel favorite - Sand and Surf Resort in Laguna was really nice.  The Capri - NOT so much..even though their website looks good, it's a sure thing that I won't be going back there.

Well - love to all.

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