Friday, July 5, 2013

Patience, Understanding and Love...

So... I still love this place.. Had a bit of a rough start as far as hotels.. Hard to choose a hotel over the Internet but I do not recommend staying at the Capri of Laguna.. We're switching to the sand and surf resort.. For tonight we're on a wait list but we're going there tomorrow for sure... Anyway.. We've been having fun despite the horrible accommodations and no parking..
Yeah.. So.. Patience.. Understanding and love.. That's what I'm trying to maintain throughout..
Patience is hard for me.. I am kinda an instant gratification type of soul.. I do know sometimes things can't go the way I want them to though, and I can't help feeling that just sucks..
Understanding.. That ones a little easier, I can empathize with most.. I get that your thoughts and emotions and well world in general is different than mine.. And that's okay.. As long as there is communication, I believe I can understand what you're feeling.
LOVE... no explanation necessary.. I feel it in everything.. And everyone.. Some more than others and differently, but love in and of itself is so easy..

Hope you have a cherished and peace filled day...
Know that I love you

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