Friday, July 12, 2013

Are all feelings a choice. . .

So...I was watching After Earth with Zach a few days ago, or hell, maybe yesterday..I dunno but in that movie Will Smith explains how fear is a choice, and how you do not have to feel that. Agreed.  I made sure to make sure Zach heard that, too...cuz he was more than a little scared on the Queen Mary earlier this week.

After that I watched the show Perception which is quite possibly one of my favorites and Daniel Pierce is giving a lecture about love where he mentions that maybe love is only "what you perceive" of the other person.  He explains that love is maybe something that we also can choose.  I have been a person that advocates that you can choose how you feel and how you deal with that for many years now, but here's the thing..I choose to love people when I don't necessary like them, but I'm not sure I can choose not to love someone.  Fear is something that I can see that is a choice, the same as anger, and sadness.  I am not sure about love though.  Is that my weakness or is it a strength?

Next - I am a Christian, but I also believe that everything evolves.  I think that it is closed minded to think that it isn't possible that we change to fit our surroundings, so next my question is...have we always loved?  and also, do animals love, you can see that they fear and get angry, so do you think they feel love like we do?

I have been in love many times in my life, not a one quite like the other, but that kind of love isn't something I feel like can be dismissed.  It's not something I feel like I can choose, but on the other hand, if it is possible, that would be a good thing to learn.  And then I think, did I actually love these people as deeply as it felt at the time, or was it my perception of what I wanted them to be like.  Did I instead love only the perception I created in the time I thought about them for endless hours?  Hmm...ponder that..

The love for my kids...that cannot be helped..Not a just is.

Okay - well for now,  I love you..prolly not in love, but love none the less..Well maybe in love..depends on who you are..;)

TTYL - Jess
Millions and Infinity..

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