Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nothing too important . . .

By the way - this is post 302 ever..kinda neat that I missed 300 and woah...really, I've written 301 of these things.. wow..

Okay so, a few things..One down - two more to go...what an exciting week.
Zach's braces are off, and it's not like I thought he wasn't handsome before, but again..woah..he's a cute young man..with that handsome gorgeous smile.  He's happy and so am I.

I think being friends with Phil from Duck Dynasty would be awesome.  He's so..calm and well..grounded..haha..I'd like to listen to his wisdom all day long - not eat anything around him or maybe even touch anything around him, but I would like to listen to him.  Happy Happy Happy..

So I created a Tumblr account today, because I saw the CEO on the Colbert Report last night.  I had no idea what Tumblr was or is really, but I figure I'll try to figure it out.  So far, I'm not really impressed, less impressive even is that Yahoo owns them I said, I'll figure out if there is anything great - and if there is - I'll report on it.

Oh - BTW..if I haven't blogged this before, Best Buy has the best phone replacement insurance EVER.  I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 about a month or so ago, and took it in for a replacement (cracked screen) - they ask no questions, just order you a new one.. Jenn has used it like 4 times and I used it about 3 with my Galaxy Note - and not this S4 - honestly the best insurance..just saying.  I even have Zach's iphone covered with them.  So if he does anything to it, drops it - or I even run over it - they replace it for like 8 a month, and as many times as it happens.  So if that means 4 iphones a year, that's fine with them.  (it's all about the odds of a person not using the insurance ya know - I'm sure some people buy it and don't use it, not my family though).

love ya

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