Monday, July 29, 2013

Eye Lashes and Toilets. . .

Good Monday Afternoon to all you gorgeous people.

Today - I fixed my mom's toilet - yeah that's right - I took it up and replaced the wax ring, and yes, there were a few small issues.  Why is it when you do something you've done a few times and you know how to do it and it should be the easiest job on earth is there something that goes wrong or doesn't want to work as you have planned in your mind?  Why are the small jobs sometimes the hardest...?  Well I have determined that maybe I should think that all housework jobs are going to be horrible and then maybe when they're not, I'll be so pleasantly surprised that I'll do a little dance.  I am so glad to live in an apartment where I have great maintenance men to do all my handy work.  In the meantime, are there any good single men out there that want a 50 something beautiful woman - She's honestly the nicest most wonderful mom I've got.  I'd love to set her up with a new handyman that can do things like changing wax rings.

Anyway today's messy job was done about 11 and I had dropped my car off to get new tires...

NOW a praise..I love Pomp's Tire of Lebanon.  Those guys, names Scott and Joe are awesome to work with and they are honest and good guys.  I will continue to take my car there even though I live in Greenwood.  They were the easy part of my day, and they take good care of Watts..even remembering his name...which to me is so amazing..

Then Zach and I went to Center Grove - Got his schedule and walked around.  We put stuff in his locker and found all his classes which he's feeling GREAT about.  Thank goodness.  Few more days and school starts for him and then a few after that and I start my new exciting job.   God is good.  Certainly.

On a side note, can anyone tell me what eye lashes are really good for...?  I'm so tired of having them fall into my eyes..would it hurt anything if I pluck them all out?  :)

love you
xoxo millions and infinity

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