Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Android. . .

My first smart phone was a gift from my wonderful man on Valentine’s Day probably about 4 years ago.  It was an iPhone 3G.  I loved that phone and named it “My Precious”.  When the iPhone 4 came out, I jumped quickly on it.  I was most definitely a Mac Head (reference to Apple fanatics).  One day a while ago, I saw the advertisement for the Atrix 4G(“is it a computer or a phone”).  All of the sudden, I decided I would try the Android world and see for myself which was truly the better operating system.  Honestly, I like them both.  They are just a completely different world from each other.

Apple is about keeping it simple, and the look and feel of things.  They made it sleek and beautiful and aesthetically clean.  It’s appealing and they advertise well.  Grandparents and children alike can use the iPhone, yet I still think sales people are trying to figure them out.

Android devices are more complex.  They integrate with all of the Google products, which is very nice.  There are tons of more free apps than the iTunes store has.  The Atrix had a dual-core processor from the start, was on the H+ (true 4G) network, and my laptop dock is pretty neat.  All in all, the device is sweet, but that’s not what sells me on Android.  Amazon and Google sell me on Android.  See, Amazon is amazing and they really know what’s going on and what consumers want; Google has always known what I need and they give it to me in fresh new small beta’s all the time.  The Amazon Apps Store and the Android App store has always stored my App library for me online.  Now both companies store my music, too.  Guess what they charge me for doing this?  That’s right, NOTHING.  Google has any document I need or want in their cloud, along with all my contacts, music, mail, pictures.  Seriously, I know that there is a lot of fear out there, and that some people will be all like …”you do what?”  “don’t you want to protect yourself from identity theft?”  Amazon even guesses at what I want to buy, because I’m there so often.  I love this technology thing, and I love Amazon and Google.  
That is all.

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