Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm kind of getting tired of educated guessing.  My son has been ill a lot lately, and we have had lots of tests run to get only vague answers.  I know that sometimes things are not as they seem.  I know that worrying will get me nowhere, but I want to scream sometimes.  A weatherman is paid for predictions, but doctors should not be.  A doctor should look for evidence and treat what they can.   I am so tired of hearing, "it looks like it might be. . . ", or "let's try this."  I know that doctors are just people and that they just have a different kind of education than I do, but I so wish they would think more like, "what if he was my son?  How would I treat this then?"  I feel like if they can't fix him then they shouldn't be paid anything.  Or rather, if all i get is indefinite answers, then all you get from me is half of your pay.
Oh the frustration.

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