Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little on happiness. . .

Okay I admit it, I struggle with staying happy and positive each day.  Someone will say something negative, or I will hang on something I thought to be negative.  I think way too much and analyze conversations, people's actions and my own feelings towards everything.  I know that I can choose to be worry free and happy all the time, but it's really not that simple to do for me.

I'm gonna tell you some of the crazy things that I do to keep a smile on my bright face.  I know they're dumb, but they tend to work for me.

  • I make my bed, or well Gary does now, cuz he's there.  Coming home to a fresh made bed always makes me feel relief.
  • I look in the mirror and say "today is going to be a great day".
  • I text my daughter.
  • I try to stand up straight (almost stretch it's so straight) once or twice a day.
  • Listen to a happy song.
  • Imagine my happy place.
  • Drink some tea.
  • Spend some quality time with my phone.
  • Exercise.
  • Laugh with Zach.
  • Go on a date with the man.
  • Listen to an audio book.
  • Find the love around me - it's everywhere.

I encourage you to think of the things that keep you happy and positive.  Write a list.

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JCTD77 said...

I should start doing that. I really need it especially since I'm a harsh person to myself. Maybe if I start doing that each day I might feel better about myself.