Friday, October 21, 2011

Captive Advertising

I'm in an advertising class right now, and one of the questions was "do I think that captive advertising is unethical?" 
This really amused me.  I wanted to respond with "How could it be, unless the advertisement itself is?"  
So captive advertising is like when your at the grocery store and your cart has an advertisement on it.  You need a cart, because you're shopping, so you see the advertisement even if it's not meant for you.  Another example might be when you're at a football game and the jumbo screen has advertisements for soda and concessions on it, or when you're at an airport and there are food advertisements on the wall.  You may not be shopping for those things, but because you're standing there, you're the captive audience. So everyone that watches online videos know that often times you have to watch the non-skip ad first. Is this annoying? Sure, but unethical, no way.  How about when you buy a smart phone and there are tons of preloaded apps.  That's captive in a way, because I can't remove them without jail-breaking my phone, but still I think ethics do not play in.  If I want to buy those products, or watch those videos, then it's the right of the seller to add advertisements, and my right as a consumer to say I'm not buying.   
You say - why are you wasting my time with this?  I don't know, it's something I found amusing yesterday, and this is my blog, so I decided to share.  
You guys are reading this, I'm so surprised by that.  I think it's great; I mean, I do like the things I have to say, but I didn't think other people would even find it interesting.  If anyone would like me to post more often, let me know, cuz I have so many thoughts rolling around this head. 

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