Saturday, October 29, 2011

Companies I love and why...

First and foremost, I love Google.

No place does it like Google.  They're interesting and they don't waiver in that.  The company puts my needs (yes MINE) first.  I use almost every app they have.  Google Docs, Gmail, G+, Google Calendar, Picasa, Latitude - keep it coming Google, I love you.

Second - I love Amazon.

Amazon is AMAZING. They have really been working hard on the one stop shopping idea.  Music, Apps, Clothing, Food, Electronics.  I can't wait to buy the new Kindle Fire from them.  They have definitely lit my fire (not lame at all).

Third - Trader Joe's

I think I would marry Joe.  He has so many original healthy items in his store.  Me loves me some tasty healthy.

Fourth - I love Wabash National.

It's where I get my paycheck from, but it's more than that.  It truly is a good company to work for.

Fifth - I love Plato's Closet.

I can always find nice jeans for Zach there, and they're typically really in style and cheap.  Plus they stamp my card and every so often I get 20% off the whole purchase.  Woot!

Sixth - I love Woot.  I said Woot and thought of

I do check woot every single day.  I love kids woot and the t-shirts.  Nothing like Woot-off's to get me excited.  Really good deals sometimes.

Next - Kohls - yeah I still love Kohls and Macy's but Kohls is cheaper.

Macy's is great - but way expensive sometimes and Kohls is well more my style.  I love their sales, which they seem to always have.

Oh and there is

I hope to outfit my living room with those babies someday.  Lovesac are bean bags that are HUGE.  I love them so much, but again a bit pricey.

I occasionally buy from and too

Great stores, both of them.  Zappos gets a lot of attention, but Overstock is nice, too.  Websites are really easy to maneuver.

Okay - last but not least - that I can think of right now - I love Apple.

I know - I'm an Android person totally, but Apple is pretty good for Simpletons, and I really would prefer to give Simpletons and simple phone.  My mom can even work that phone, so there ya have it.

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