Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm running for president

So driving to Chicago always makes me think about toll roads.  Why don't we charge for bypass roads all over the place instead of raising taxes.   So if you choose to take the bypass then you pay a toll.  This works for other things like that too.  The government makes a lot of money off of ipass and i think they should do that other places.   Offer a slight discount but your ipass auto refills at 30 bucks which they draw interest on.  Imagine if 10000 people gave you their 30 bucks to bank.  It just makes sense.

I've said this before but also i don't get why the  government doesn't force our citizens to recycle. So let's say you buy a computer. My thoughts is that upon purchase you have to pay a disposal fee. This money would go to our trash company to pay them for proper disposal of whatever and then we as citizens just throw away everything.  Any money that the trash company makes from recycled items would go back towards the staffing of the program. This still gives everyone choices. They can choose not to buy items if they don't want to pay for properly disposing of them.

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