Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's talk about life baby.. . .

Not really.

Instead, I'd like to talk about why people say "lol" all the time.  Really?  You're really Laughing out Loud?  If you really are laughing out loud as often as you type it, then there is something wrong, because you don't laugh out loud like that when we're actually talking.

Recently I decided to start putting a R before my LOL if I really did laugh.  Also a GOL (as my daughter kindly pointed out, is not a lie), I do giggle out loud a lot while texting.  I also thought of adding an "F" to my lol if I'm talking to someone that uses it a lot, in order to tell them that I just "Fake laughed out loud" like you are ever time you say it.

Another small issue I have with texting is 'kk' - What the hell does that mean?  It's not short for OK cuz we're still typing two letters, and KK sounds really weird.  Like a baby.  I don't like mk either..cuz that's like ummm okay..why not just say k...

BTW...NO one actually ROTFL or ROTFLMAO - Those are just stupid.  Stop using them.  That's what I say, and if it were truly my world, everyone would stop it.

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What the what?! said...

I want to start a new one. ROFBIOF. That stands for "rolling on the floor because I'm on fire." Seriously though. Not too sure why these things have to be abbreviated really when a HA would work for something that's funny. If it is really funny, you could say HAHA. Or if you are feeling mischievous, a Heehee. Most phones have full keyboards anymore so abbreviations are not really even needed.