Friday, October 7, 2011

Orson Scott Card thoughts. . .

This dude is seriously talented.  I listen to a lot of Audio books.  Long drive to work and home every day.  Anyway, a few months back I downloaded Pathfinder.  It’s a great book!
I think the narration in all of the Orson Scott Card books that I’ve listened to have been phenomenal also.  The books have all caught my attention from the first paragraph to the end.  The Lost Gate is another must read.  I have now listened to the entire Alvin Maker series, and I am a true fan.  I do have to say I even liked Treason, but it did make me wonder what kind of drugs he was doing at the time of writing it.
Interestingly enough, after listening to Pathfinder and loving it, I decided to download Ender’s Game.  I had trouble getting into that one, so I moved on to Alvin.  Card has published a ton of books, and in such a small time frame.  I have completely in awe of him.  That’s really not saying that much, considering I am quite taken by many authors.  I do believe I’d give my left foot to be half as good of a writer as he is though.  (Foot because I want my hands for typing.)

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