Friday, June 29, 2012

I love Google products. . . .Nexus 7 anyone? - Yeah so I just pre-ordered.  I am excited.
I know I have blogged about this before, but I seriously have an obsession with Google.  It's not just Chrome, and it's not just all of the apps, it's not just the operating system, It's everything.  I can almost RUN my life using all Google at the moment.  I LOVE GOOGLE.  I know that it's weird to be obsessed with anything. I love Samsung, too.  I love gadgets and geeky stuff.  I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately.  Trying to figure out what makes me the most happy.  Honestly, I like toys and being in charge.  I like technology and how it has transformed everything.  Everything is so fun and easy these days.
I use Google to make Forms, my Business Website, Docs for sharing documents, Calendars for sharing, and my operating system of choice for my mobile device is Android, of course.

There are three kinds of technology geeks to me these days.  The ones that are stuffy (Apple) and think they're better than everyone else.  The ones that just do (Microsoft) and don't really know much about technology, or middle of the road techno geeks.  Then there are hippy geeks (google) that want to have everything relaxed and cool (also the more democratic geeks).  I am definitely a Google.  I'll bet so is Jon Stewart - and Colbert would probably act like he is an Apple geek, but really would secretly love Google.

I also though think these technologies are all necessary. Google is not really all that user friendly for non-technical people and Apple is.  Microsoft is again more for business folks and middle of the liners.  All three are necessary, but I just choose to live my life with Google by my side.

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