Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today's Thoughts. . .

My brain never slows down.  This was a music morning because I could not concentrate on listening to a book.  I think there are so many things going on lately, that I have trouble concentrating on just one thing period.  So. . . 

Friday night, I walk in the "Relay for Life".
So there are many reasons and people I have known with cancer, but personally the reason I said yes this year to walking it, even with my busy schedule, is because of my grandma.  A lot of you know this, but November 2010 went like this for me.
Nov 1 - Gma admitted to hospital
Nov 3 - Found holes in bones and masses all over body
Nov 4 - Biopsy of Liver mass
Nov 5 - Gary’s mom admitted to hospital
Nov 6 - Zach’s bday party (bowling) found out that Gary’s mom had bone holes and masses in organs.
Nov 7 - Visited June (Gary's mom) and then visited gma - Gma optomistic - June not.
Nov 9 - my gma - it is cancer
Nov 10 - my gma another MRI
Nov 11 - my gma getting PICC line for chemo - result from MRI showed fast moving - waiting on results from gary’s mom
Nov 18 - my gma home from hospital - only radiation no chemo
Nov 22 - my gma in hospital again on life support
Nov 16 garys mom moved to nursing home
Nov 25 my gma off of life support
Nov 28 - visited gma very thankful and loving seems in better spirits

Yeah this was an actual log I kept that month of all the stuff going on. I'm not sure why I did it then, maybe so I'd have it for now.

My Grandma died Wednesday December 22nd. She was 74 years old. Gary's mom passed away on Christmas morning and she was 80 I think. Anyway, it was a tough Christmas season. There is not a day that honestly goes by when I don't think of my Grandmother. My grandpa died a few months ago, and my heart is with both of them all the time. Enough of this sadness. Tommy recently said to me that when a person dies, they are never really gone, because you see them in ever memory and it makes them still there. I wish I had Tommy's wisdom. He's the only guy I know that is my age, and seems much more mature than me. - Love you Tommy.

Another thought I had this morning on my drive in, was how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. There is not one place on earth that makes me feel bad about where I am. I can honestly say that from morning until night, I am not doing anything that I don't want to do. I mean seriously there are times when i get into a conversation or a situation that warrants a moment of uncomfortably but for the most part, I am so happy in my life right now.

Also, a thought. . . I miss rain. I want it to rain and I want to smell the wet grass...then I want to smell cut grass.

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Tommy said...

It's weird that we think the same thing about eachother. :)
Love you, Jess.