Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interpretation is such a funny thing. . .

So isn't it interesting how you hear someone say something and you can be in a room with someone else and they completely hear something differently?  Communication is what everyone preaches and teaches, but I am thinking we need to start taking classes on interpretation.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be in the room and hear and see the same things and get EXACTLY the same message out of what was being said?  Recently I heard a story about a girl I know that got really upset about something that was supposedly meant completely different than the way she took it.  My first reaction was, geezz, sensitive much. . .But then, I thought about how often I do exactly the same thing.  I am sure I do it even more than I realize.  There are obvious times though, like when Gary says something and I think he has a tone to it that isn't nice.  He obviously didn't mean what I thought he meant, because he wouldn't just go on to the next subject like nothing was said.
This morning Zach and I got into it, because I said I was tired of him yelling at me.  He said, "I wasn't yelling" - And this is TRUE.  He was just getting mouthy, but I used "yelling" cuz that's what Gary has said when voices get raised at all, and now I said it and didn't even mean it the way I used to.  A yell used to mean a scream to me, not just raised voices, but since he's said it so often whenever there has even a slight influx in tone, I now think of that as a yell.  Well, I'm taking my meaning back, cuz I like mine better.  I explained to Zach that what he was doing was actually talking back, and I can't stand that, and that he doesn't need to contradict everything I say all the time.
I think we need to come up with a standard and stick to it, so everyone hears the same meanings.  Just thoughts for today.

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