Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nook vs. Kindle Fire


Okay so - a few obvious things overlooked in this article. Amazon has movies you can rent or buy for download by having a prime account.  Amazon has an AMAZING app store with great apps and a free paid one of the day.  Amazon has all kinds of things you can buy on the internet with free shipping with a Prime account.  Let's face it people - Barnes and Nobles couldn't come close to compete with Amazon really.

Yes so Amazon has only 8GB of internal storage, but they give you the world with their cloud storage with a Prime account.  It would be nice to have a longer battery life, but that's the only thing I see as being a one up with the Nook.  Everything else is slightly comparable or Amazon has knocked them out of the park.

I will have mine in 9 days, and then I'll be able to comment more.  Can't wait.

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