Monday, November 28, 2011

Flowers and Jewelry

Lemon and Blueberry

Never really been a flower/jewelry type of girl. I could never see spending a lot of money on rocks or dead plants.  To me it seems worthless.  I am sure that I spend money on things that others would not like, but it's always been known to the guys that I've dated, that I don't want costly jewelry (won't wear it) or dead flowers.  I never understood cut flowers anyway. I will occasionally wear a necklace, but i like to pick them out myself.
I've always been kind of mesmerized by Orchids.  They seem unique and full of life.  So a few months ago Jenn and I both picked out an orchid that we liked while we visited her.  My initial thought was to get her something beautiful to take care of and make her happier.  She had just moved and had some emotional struggles.  I decided I'd go ahead and get myself one also and we could talk about how are orchids were doing over time. My first orchid, named "Lemon" was a beautiful yellow with hot pink centers.  It has been so easy to care for and it's so alive.  About a month ago, while shopping in Kroger, I saw the most magnificent blue orchid. Seriously he's gorgeous.  I have named him "Blueberry" and yes, I talk to them and I love them.  I'm also not sure why Lemon is a girl and Blueberry is a boy to me, but whatever that's just how it is.  I had no idea that these gorgeous alive flowers could make me feel they way they do.  They add a certain amount of peace to my life.  I know that I'm going to get another one some day; I am very passionate about the orchid thing, and for me that's really strange.  The plants are very interesting and there are so many different kinds, and some bloom all year.  It's not like a tulip that has a bloom for a few days and withers up.  I highly suggest that everyone own one orchid; name it and talk to it.  You'll be surprised how much you love it.

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