Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jessica For President --- Part two

I'm thinking that when I rule the world or become president, that I would like to remove the voice box of all dogs under a certain size.  I was walking today and when the little cute, ewok looking dog started barking, I started thinking.  People definitely don't get those kinds of dogs for them to be intimidating to anyone, so we don't really need to hear them.  I think my aversion to small dogs has everything to do with the yap, so if we made it a rule that all small dogs, we either alter their genetics to make them sound different or we take out the bark completely, then they wouldn't be annoying, just cute.

So another thought for my presidency...
I watched the movie called "Arena" today.  All in all, a decent enough movie.  A great idea would be this - Death row inmates could fight each other to do death and it could be televised.  This would do two things, one it would eliminate some of the need for larger prisons and two, maybe it would add some sort of aversion to being bad enough to go to prison.  Maybe if people realized that we will let them kill each other in prison, then that one psycho will not murder the family, or whatever they were previously thinking of doing.  If we're absolutely sure that someone did something that warrants them life in prison or death by lethal injection, why not televise them fighting another person that did some other horrible crime.  The reason years ago that the government did the public hangings was to detour people from committing crimes, I'm just thinking this might have the same effect.

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Piderman said...

It would also eliminate the fake wrestling done on TV already, satisfying people's desire for seeing violence. I completely agree with you.