Thursday, November 3, 2011

Droid vs. Android

Today's complaints. . .

Android is an operating system, and I have a phone that has Android on it.  I do NOT have a Droid, though.  A Droid is a type of phone made by the manufacturer Motorola.  They also do have the Android operating system on them.

Apple's iOS is on all of their devices, but they don't sell their OS or give it away to anyone.  Google is COOL.  They give their OS out to many manufacturer's, so my phone is an Atrix (much better than a Droid) and it runs an Android operating system and it's made by Motorola.

Back when I was a simpleton and had an iPhone I was confused by this, too.  I would think though, that since Android's are becoming so popular - Apple's phones are only outselling Android devices by 9%....(check this article - this would become more common knowledge.  I am not kidding though that at least twice a week, someone says to me, "oh you have a Droid".

No, I do not have a Droid.  I have a much superior phone to any of the Droid phones.
I read this back and wonder why this bothers me so much, but it does.  My phone is more than just a phone or a smart device; it's an extension of me, I guess and it's awesome.


Tommy said...

I'd have to agree with you here, for the most part. I do pick my battles though. If I know the person isn't really going to remember what I say, I just agree with them anyway.

Jessica said...

You should just write a blog entry and email them the link..that's what I'm gonna do . . .

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