Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is one of those - I'm happy days.

I'm not quite sure.  Nothing extremely good happened today, and nothing really bad either.  I'm just really content with my life right now.  I did get an 'A' in this Negotiation Class and I didn't have negotiate for it.  I really felt like this one might fall to a 'B'.  I had trouble sleeping last night, nervous things would go bad with a meeting today, but thanks to my buddy, Josh, and a very supportive Support Center (I love my employees) - all went very well.
I know that I'm really open about saying "I love you" so it's hard for people to know when they're special to me. It's hard for me to single out people, because a lot of people are really special to me.  Josh - you're def. one of the good ones.  Ron - I know I give you shit, but you are too.  Thanks guys, for being friends and good team members.
Almost done with Christmas shopping.  I think the UPS guy is sick of my house.
So for our family Christmas present, I got us a new living room set - they're huge pillow chairs.  I'll post a picture later when they're set of what they look like then, but I'm gonna post one at the bottom of them in the middle of my living room which looks so freakin' small with them in there right now.
I'd like to send a congrats out to my brother - he just got a new job, and I'm super excited for him and his family.  Hope it's awesome, bro.
Cross your fingers, my momma has an interview tomorrow for a new one.  Maybe it will be a great Christmas this year after all.  Maybe we'll have some good memories for next year, since last years suck ass.

Joshua King

Yeah - maybe you can't tell
but they're HUGE
Remember - I LOVE YOU!

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Nik said...

I'm so jealous! I want some of those soooooo badly. Where did you get them from?