Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and stuff...

I hope you all had a great Christmas this year.  I unexpectedly had a great one.  Zach came home at 1 and Jenn showed up about 5:30.  Jennifer wasn't planned until Thursday evening, when she told me that she didn't have anything else going on from Christmas evening until the 29th.  So, I got super uber excited, but we didn't tell Zach.  He has a rough time of missing her anyway, and surprising him is tons of fun.
We acted like we were ordering a "dessert pizza" when she was about 30 minutes from home, and then when she got there Gary went out to get the "pizza" while Zach and I waited in the living room.  She walked in and I swear it took Zach a full minute to comprehend who she was.  The light bulb went off and he freaked out.  It was priceless as always.  
Definitely missed some people this year, but it was nice to have two of my kids together with me under one roof again, even if it is only for a short time.  I do enjoy them all very much.
Okay - Movie review time. . . Jenn/Zach/I went to see "The Darkest Hour" - Yep..good movie, but a little far fetched, like it the middle of the movie there are a bunch of Russians that just have missile guns..where'd they get them, and also . . . If you can hide behind glass then why not build some glass shields quickly or something. I have a problem with expendables in movies, too..You all know who they are..those people that are just annoying and you kind of are wishing they'd get eaten by something right away.   I know you have to have people like that, but the ones in this movie were ridiculous.  
"Mr. Poppers Penguins" This movie surprised me...It was pretty good. It did leave me wanting a Penguin even if I don't like Jim Carrey.
The new "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo"...whhoooaaa..K, so this is rated R for a reason.  Be careful if you are at all squeamish.  There really are some intense scenes.  Zach did not see this one, and thank goodness.  Good movie and I love the story line, but it might have been just as good minus a few scenes.  And I do not think that i am AT ALL conservative. 
"Columbiana" - Another really good movie, probably my favorite this weekend.  It was revenge centered, but the girl (Zoe Saldana) was awesome.  I also am all about orchids, and she draws an orchid (Cattleya flower) on people when she kills them. 
Some cool orchid pictures - I want a unique one..

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