Monday, January 7, 2013


Today I watched more than spoke.. I know hard to believe from those that know me...
Laryngitis will do that to you though. I went to urgent care because I've been quite sick the last few days.. (sinusitis and bronchitis) the strangest thing happened. I had been there for about a half hour when this young lady, probably 25 or so, came in with her two young blonde children. The older child was a girl around 4 and the younger a boy 2ish.. At first sight nothing extraordinary... But she was carrying the boy and had the girl in tow so.. She brought them over to a chair near me. I immediately felt bad and went up to ask for a mask, at which point the lady asked me to sit the box out on the table and made the announcement for us all to wear them. The woman was checking in her daughter, Zoey, at the counter as I returned to my seat. I then noticed something kind of cool. I looked over at the kids and they looked perfect.. Like kids you'd see on a commercial... Well the mom came and sat next to the kids and Isaac was working a puzzle next to me. He would purposely put the pieces in all the wrong slots first and the last place was the right one. I am not sure why I paid so much attention to this little family.. But they were kinda like a stepford family because not a hair was out of place. I kept wondering what that kind of life would be like. What would it be like to have kids that were perfectly behaved and to be so slender and beautiful? I love my life.. I wouldn't change it, but still I wondered.

Then I decided to eat at arni's with Gary for lunch even though I wasn't feeling great.. I get really tired of being at home.. Anyway.. This older gentlemen brought in his young granddaughter for lunch. He was wearing a nose cannula with a small oxygen tank. I couldn't help but pay attention to how warm he seemed. I miss my grandpa so much and this man really reminded me of him..

Okay.. Tomorrow is a new day.. And hopefully less sickness and more cuddles and lovey time soon..

Live happy.. Love happy..

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