Monday, August 19, 2013


It's kinda hard to blog often when all you can do is talk about how great things are going. I don't want anything to jinx things, and that sounds superstitious.  I could talk about how things seem overwhelming sometimes. Learning lots and started school back up and Black Box fall sessions starting.. Lots of stuff.. BUT.....
ExactTarget is a fabutastic place to work. It's nice to know all these people I'm meeting. They are likeable and soft, but not soft like you're thinking. I worked at a foundry last and the people were hard there. The kinds that hold grudges and are just tough.. That's not bad either, but not laid back and comfortable. This is a new kind of love... It's great. 
New John Mayer cd out tomorrow.. Not a Huge fan anymore, but i got it anyway.  Maybe I'll review later.

We'll anyway
Love you
Xoxo.. Millions and infinity

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