Monday, September 9, 2013

My flying experience. . . Superwoman

Okay - so. . .Who knew..
Jumping out of a plane does not make your tummy do flip flops (other than nerves).  You do not get the feeling of a drop like riding a roller coaster, although, if you are too afraid to do a roller coaster, there is no way you will jump out of a plane at 12000 feet.  Let me just say, we were about half way up (about 5000 feet) when I asked if we were almost there, and I was almost laughed at.  Well that is when I started thinking, I do not really remember anything this handsome guy has tried to teach me.  Then when Jenn decided she wanted to go before me, I was fine, until I saw her leave the plane. . . Probably that's when I felt most nervous, for a second or two until I followed her.  And then it was like, crazy not scary..more like "I am flying" and "oh my gosh, the ground doesn't even look or feel like it's getting closer" Until the moment when the parachute went open and then everything was super super calm.  Honestly the calmest most serene feeling EVER.  Like it would be good for a person who meditates to feel that.

Anyway - after the super soft landing, Jenn and I hugged and decided we wanted to go again.  I have already purchased our second jump that I think we'll schedule for April or May.  This is an amazing experience that I think everyone should try.  I know everyone won't, but it was fantastically cool.

Okay - and so. . . I love my job btw...LOVE it.  My heart is filled with joy when I even think of it.  Next week is Connections in Indy which is a week of Marketers coming together from tons of companies all under the ExactTarget umbrella.  Pretty neat.  Imagine Dragons next Wednesday.

Now I am going to determine my next wild and crazy thing...Any suggestions?

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