Monday, June 30, 2014

Bragging on the boy...

This week Zach is with his dad. He's been taking his first online course. High school biology to get those credits out of the way. Anyway anyone that knows my boy knows this means a lot of mom saying 'where are you in the class'..And 'when is the next due date.?'

Yesterday he texted me in a panic that his instructor didn't get his unit 3 exam, which he checked on all on his own. He then worked with me quickly to get it submitted. He also emailed his instructor letting him know what had happened. I am so proud of him. I told him what to do and he was so much easier than talking even a client through much easier things. He didn't ask a bunch of dumb questions, he just did it.

I love you, Zacheriah. To infinity and beyond my baby boy.

Xoxo, millions

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